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Old Town Hall Museum


The Marietta Museum is inside the Old Town Hall that was built in 1847. On display are artifacts and memorabilia from early Marietta, such as the first Marietta fire engine (below) from 1840, examples of furniture made here and early photographs and records from the Marietta area. The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Post 226 was headquartered here, and many Civil War memorabilia and records are among the archives.To schedule a Museum Tour or a presentation of Marietta history call (717) 426 – 4736.

Museum, Pig Iron, Civil War memorabilia, Marietta Fire Engine, "Little Pittsburg", Smallpox Vaccine, Lancaster County Vaccine Farm Site

3 W Walnut St, Marietta, PA 17547

717 426 4736

Old Town Hall Museum
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